Penumbra Obscura, a wallpaper company founded by Missy Rayder and her husband Marko Velk, is dedicated exclusively to the creation of original hand-drawn patterns for wallpapers and fabrics to come.

A famed international model for over twenty years, Missy has traveled the globe developing and refining her natural instincts for interior decoration- an activity that has impassioned her through constant research and observation of objects. As her career developed and journeys increased- antiques, furniture, and later XIX century art became a particular obsession. Ideas behind different art movements such as Pre-Raphaelism and Symbolism found influence in Missy’s own Manhattan apartment, her travels exemplified in the incredible objects and furniture she discovered and brought home to live alongside.

However, amidst all of this grandeur and inspiration, the home was still missing something…hard to place, but apparent in the walls.

Marko was raised in Paris, with a Serbo-Croatian background. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, which is considered to be one of the most highly respected French school for future creators, conceptors, creatives and artists alike - applying their knowledge in every discipline. Combining decorative arts, graphic design, architecture, painting, scenography, etc...creating what will be the future of the arts throughout the world.  

Since a very early age Marko’s passion for drawing was relentless, charcoal on various paper dimensions gaining him wide respect in his later years as an artist. His world is dark, some would say, but mostly for him it is the ability to question thought and bring the power of evocation to viewers that is most inspiring and gives his work such praise.

Penumbra Obscura is the discovered link between Missy and Marko. Missy’s affinity for the interior and Marko’s powerful universal drawing capacities, brought them together to fulfill the unanswerable question. Suddenly, patterns and shapes begin to form, ideas emerging as evidence. A wallpaper company created. 

Penumbra Obscura strives for ideas to be accessible to home owner taste, and as patterns appear to be classical- the distinctive eye will look closer to reveal unexpected graphic shapes and combinations which lend a modern twist.

The intertwining of Missy and Marko’s worlds and ideas brought this project to life. The sincere hope is that bringing Penumbra Obscura patterns into your walls and into your life will make it all the more, inevitably, special and unique.